How To Increase Self-Motivation

Motivation Through the Pain Vs Pleasure Principle

Seek inspiration from others who have what you want, who do what you want to do, and live the life you want. Use books, conferences, and advice from wise and effective people to help you pursue what you really want. But know this; you should finally learn to motivate yourself and take action to achieve what you really want.

All the advice and guidance from others cannot replace your inner voice. The constant motivation to do what, when needed, is one of the most important strengths you can develop in order to enjoy the greatest success in your life.

Pain vs. The Fun Program

Understand what motivates you. Everything you do is motivated by two important desires; one is to find happiness and the other is to avoid pain. This has also been described as the motive for comfort against insecurity, or love against fear.

Think about every decision you make in your life. You have finally decided to do anything based on your desire for some form of entertainment or to avoid some kind of pain.

As you go about your day, you are making decisions, knowingly or unknowingly. And as you make each decision about what you should and should not do, you are asking and answering happiness against the question of pain.

Whether you make a simple decision as to what you will eat for lunch or change your lifestyle such as getting married, your decisions are based on your assessment of what will make you happy and what will help you to avoid pain.

Some great thinkers throughout history teach that avoiding pain is a powerful motivator rather than a desire for happiness.

"The goal of the wise is not to gain happiness, but to avoid pain." - Aristotle -

So why is it important to understand this pain against the recreational system so important in self-motivation? Because, by recognizing the principle, we can better control our lifestyle by providing levels of pain versus pleasure in the actions we consider.

How to Use Pain vs. The Fun Program

For example, if you want to go to your manager for a raise, you might think your boss is annoyed or ridicule you for asking. He associates the possibility of pain with activity. In addition, it gives the level or level of pain that can occur in that action.

You may also be wondering what the promotion would mean for you or your family. Do you think it would be nice to have more money for something you want or the happiness you can feel by giving something extra to your family? He associates the opportunity for happiness with action. As the power of pain, it also provides the level or level of happiness that can be experienced in that act.

Therefore, you are assessing the likelihood that the pain you caused the unresponsive manager against a happy event you shared what you could do with the extra money.

Which motivates you the most? Fear of pain often outweighs hope. Therefore, he chooses to do nothing.

However, you have the ability to assign weight to pain and weight to pain to give a scale. You can encourage yourself to ask for promotion by combining the pain of not asking for it.

It is important to remember that we are naturally motivated by the need to avoid pain. Therefore, think of the pain that you may feel if you do not take action. Thinking about the pain that can be felt is your biggest motivator for action. Then, as an added measure, consider and experience the joy that can be yours by taking an action and succeeding as a result. Control the scale that suits you. Encourage yourself by giving yourself a lot of pain for not doing something and a lot of joy in action.

You can choose to motivate yourself, using a fun goal versus pain, or you can let your ignorance control your actions automatically.

Don't let your ignorant decisions control your actions, or do nothing. Ask yourself what motivates you to do what you do all day. Develop in your mind the pain that you will experience if you fail to do something. Similarly, enrich your life with the thought of doing something you know will bring you lasting benefits.

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