How To Maintain Your Motorcycle

Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle

Do you love your bike and want to keep it in mint condition? You can easily do this by following a few maintenance tips.


Regularly inspect tires for scratches, cuts, and hardened stones

Check that the air pressure in the tire is correct

Always check the shape of the wheel


Make sure the brakes are not too tight or loose

Replace worn-out brakes if you hear a loud noise

Make sure that the brake fluid of your bike is at the correct level

Check periodically to see if there is dirt or dirt on the brake shoe

Spark Plug

Sometimes you have to check if the spark plug is working properly

Remove the spark plug and clear the area

Dip it in paraffin or petrol and wipe with a clean cloth

Check that the electrodes are clean and well connected

Reinstall it

Replace worn or damaged spark plugs immediately


Always check battery terminals and remove debris or debris

Use a brush to remove dirt and sediments

Check that the fuse is working properly

Check for battery leaks

If you have a battery in clear water, you should change the water once every two months

Disposable batteries are easy to use and do not require much maintenance. But you should not use it when the life span is over

Front headlights / Rear headlights

Wipe the headlights and tail lights with a clean cloth daily

You can do the same thing with indicators and brake lights

Turn on the light and check the beam purpose and the light intensity

If the beam of light is not adjusted properly, adjust it immediately

Replace cracked tail lights and pointers quickly


Check that the horn cords are properly connected

Wipe with a dry cloth daily

Fuel Engine

Regularly check the engine oil level

Change the engine oil after the specified mileage

Air Filter

If the air filter is made of paper, just touch it to remove excess dust

If the air filter is made of foam, you should wash it in solvent and dry it before repairing it again.

Drive chain

Stirring in the driving series changes from one bike to another. Check the level of loosening in your bike manual and make sure the level is maintained at all times

Adjust the steering chain using the rear axle nut and the swingarm

Check tire alignment before tightening the nut

Make sure the chain is properly fitted so that the movement is smooth


Check  the cable connection to the clutch for any loose connections

Fix it using a cord fixer and locknut

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