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 Best Version of myself: Something Has to Change

There are many people who struggle to create a life that they have imagined in their head, many people often think and believe that "Life" happens while making plans for their future. I understand what they mean and I can relate to them completely; now I would say that if I had the same understanding and knowledge I have now, I would have made a different choice. The truth is that life is always going to happen and it will happen until we die. The truth is that we did not stick to our future plans, we did not implement those plans, we did not plan for the future, we were afraid of failure/success, we gave up our plans or we had a plan but we did not know how to implement those plans. Circumstances and circumstances will always have the power to distract anyone and often making bad decisions can lead to the abandonment of our plans and dreams.

But, those things should never stop you from achieving your hopes and dreams! I have noticed that there are a lot of people who when faced with adversity use any difficulty as an excuse to stop fighting for their dreams; they tore up everything they fought for and threw in the towel. I often share in my training sessions the importance of exploring the processes of human thinking. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have someone in your life who cares enough to tell you the truth rather than tell you what you want to hear. I believe that 85% of the time, we are overwhelmed by our thought processes and our unwillingness to change or change our plans when change is needed.

Most people get annoyed when you see a (legitimate) error in their system and then dare to share what you see. I think people often hear it when they get the answer that their plans are wrong; many people experience information that is contrary to what they think, such as a personal attack on their dreams and spending a lot of valuable things which can be the difference between success and failure in achieving their dreams.

Best version of myself Translation: Lay the Foundation Once

Have you ever met or known someone who always makes big plans and has big dreams but never completes one thing because you are bound by a million details? Do you often become so preoccupied with the possibilities of achieving your dream that you put everything into making it happen but, you keep going back to include the things you need in your plans after you have started full speed before?

Do you find that as you work to build on your dream/goal you are distracted or distracted by a new, better way to achieve your dreams? Do you have a lot of work but you are not improving and you are already frustrated because you always take four steps forward and three steps back. Or, there is always someone who is willing to help you achieve your goals even after investing in whatever it offers; you are no closer to your goals than when you first started!

All of the things I have said are indications that there is no solid foundation on which to build your dreams! Listen, I want you to be able to feel endless possibilities as you move into the reality of your goals and dreams but you must be willing to take the time to lay the foundation first before you do anything else.

What is your strategy? Is your plan sound and is the plan written? I highly recommend that you write or tell everything that comes to your mind about your goals and dreams. Have a booklet, use your "memo" on your phone, and have a place to put your thoughts and ideas.

There is a dream that undermines the idea that many people work under it and this is it; "You do not share your dream with everyone because they will try to kill it carelessly! They are not a threat to change, they are not a risk to make you stop what you are doing and rethink everything you think is a good idea.

I don't like the answer though, and that's a BIG BUT; I know I need it to succeed and to continue to be successful. I have purposeful people in my life who think completely differently from the way I think. I need people in my life to help me see what I can't, to see things in my blind spots, and guess what; so do you!

Best version of myself Translation: Building My Team

I have had big dreams and a business spirit since I was in middle school. I was always creating ways to make money and I was just doing that to make money. As I have grown somewhat older, money is never thought of when I start any career and in fact, money often comes to mind after I have finished everything and decided on the course I will take. I have learned from so much pain and suffering that money cannot drive (my) plans, goals, or dreams, it will not happen! So, what drives you to do what you want to do?

Want to know what the first number on my list is after I decided on the next step to build on my dreams? Well, thank you for asking. Soon I start thinking about who will help me achieve what I want to do and if I don't know anyone for that particular project, I will start asking my contacts if they know anyone who can help me, yes, I do. ask other people to help me with you.

Here's a trick, well, no trick; you should learn how to decide who is safe and who is not. Most of us know "red flags" but choose to ignore those "red flags". We often hear when something or someone is "up and down" a large part. The problem is that we develop situations and conversations that have not yet happened or we think that conversations will not be free to have so we allow things that often come back to bite us who knows where.

Listen, your time and money are as important as anyone else's; if you have to work for it it is important! You need to know if you are a buyer or a supplier. The buyer always has the upper hand because that hand holds the money. If you can not find what you are looking for or what you need from one source, go to another source because you are the buyer and you are the one who decides who the supplier is.

You are not forced to give someone your time or money, but most people pretend they have no say in the story and are fired. After being burned, you create thinking processes to protect yourself from burns and that is exactly the thinking process that keeps you from making bad decisions.

Surrounding yourself with people who wish you the best even when paid, a professional foundation should always be your goal. Research everything with everyone and do your best. Organize your work, and have other competent and knowledgeable people review it for the sole purpose of finding fault with or at least prompt you to ask questions. I have people with different skills for each project I work on. If I am working on something that involves construction work or video production I will talk to people in those fields. This is a great help and introduces you to people who know other people who may be your resource later.

Please remember to wish for a change, to build a plan or a solid and proven strategy, and lastly, start assembling a team that can help you and you can share their resources again. I think this will be a good start for your best version.

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